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Dear Database User,
This mail is meant to communicate four subjects with you:

  1. A new Database Charter is currently online.
  2. New software for online analysis of data has been introduced.
  3. An institutional fee is being introduced per 1 January 2016.
  4. ECHSA membership will be opened this fall for European Database data contributors and users.

A new Database Charter is currently online.

The new database Charter reflects the new circumstance that the European Congenital Heart Surgeons Association (ECHSA) alone is administering and running the database. In addition, new relationships between the Chair of the ECHSA Database Committee and the Director have been established. Furthermore, the Database Committee is enlarged to reflect the importance that ECHSA attributes to the Database.

New software for online analysis of data is introduced now.

This new software has been developed using all our experience gathered throughout our 15 years of operation of The European Congenital Database. The major improvements introduced reflect several years of our exchange with all the database users. To all of you who suggested changes over these years that improved our system, to all who have been asking questions, we would like to say thank you. We remain with the hope that this new software will meet your expectations. It is based on a philosophy of empowering users to do analyses and create reports according to their own needs and interests. The main tool of the new system is a mechanism of filtering patients’ data. With this tool, you can define a group of the patients or procedures you are interested in and you want to explore. After selecting the subset of data, all reports available on-line will run on the selected data only. You can save your filter configuration, then it will be available next time you login. It can also be changed as often as you need. Detailed instructions on how to use data filtering are available on the web page (help text). There is one more improvement that comes with this new software. The data from before and after 2005 has been merged into one data set. Currently This data consolidation means that, currently, more then 200 000 Congenital Heart Surgery procedures performed all over the world can be analyzed together.. The ECHSA Board and the Congenital Database management invite you to use the new functionalities of the system. Please, feel free to share with us your opinions and comments. Any contribution aiming at the improvement of the new software will be highly appreciated. We invite you to share with us your expertise and expectations.

An institutional fee is being introduced per January 1st, 2016.

Since its very beginning the Congenital Database was intended to be free of any charge for data contributors. Financial support has been predominantly achieved through generous Industry support. Ideally, ECHSA’s Database should be auto-financed, in order to continue its most valuable work, at the service of all involved in congenital cardiac work, as much as at the service of patients. Keeping the Database running and introducing continuing developments, as the ones we have just announced, involves much work and therefore needs funds. Thus, this Database became a most valuable clinical management and quality control tool, not to mention its research potential, which we consider the most relevant package of provided services. Therefore, there is no other choice than to start charging a fee on the amount of 750 € yearly, due through January, to each data supplying hospital. This fee is calculated aiming at the minimal amount needed to provide the Database’s smooth running, and is also perceived as fair for the new package of services provided. Hospitals to which this annual amount may be problematic for their budget are encouraged to express that constraint to the Database Chair, for individual consideration. ECHSA is strongly committed to have as many hospitals involved and as much data supplied, as possible. Therefore, we will overcome all types of constraints that might prevent that global objective. We count on your understanding. Furthermore, we are inviting Centers which are financially capable, value our services and wish to provide additional support to the Database to do so, and we hereby express our gratitude to the centers which have already pledged such support. ECHSA values such voluntary contributions highly, and is prepared to acknowledge such centers publically on the website, if they agree.

ECHSA membership will be opened this fall for European Database users.

In the next ECHSA general assembly (October 2nd) the membership criteria will be changed, permitting all European submitters to become members. At that meeting the further policy as to membership will be determined. Once again, we are proud to introduce these changes and new capabilities of the ECHSA Congenital Database, and we would like to thank you in advance for your continued support.

Signed on July 23, 2015

Database Committee Chair     Database Director     ECHSA President
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