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Joining the Database: as easy as 1-2-3

Congenital Cardiac Surgery or Interventional Cardiology Centers interested in becoming ECHSA Database Participating Centers should follow the below easy 1-2-3 process.

Before applying, please read all sections of the Menu ABOUT on the ECHSA Cogenital Database Website, as well as the Database Charter available here.


Complete the following Online Application Form:

On behalf of the Congenital Cardiac Surgical or Interventional Cardiology Center (as specified above, further referred to as the "Center"), I hereby confirm that I have read the ECHSA Congenital Database Policy and I accept it.

I confirm that I am legally authorized to act on behalf of the Center and, if necessary, on behalf of any larger healthcare establishment that the Center may be organizational unit of, for the purpose of registration of the Center in the ECHSA Congenital Database, and other actions connected with, and resulting from participation in the ECHSA Congenital Database project. I further confirm that the registration and the participation in the ECHSA Congenital Database comply with any local laws and internal procedures applicable to the Center.

I hereby give consent to the processing of my personal data provided in this registration form by the ECHSA as a data controller for the purposes connected with the Center's participation in the ECHSA Congenital Database project and the ECHSA' communication with the Center. I acknowledge that the data submitted in the registration form may be verified by the ECHSA for its accuracy in publicly available information sources.

I am aware that I have the right to inspect and correct my personal data. I am also aware that although the provision of personal data is voluntary, it is necessary to register the Center in the ECHSA Congenital Database.


After approval of your application, the system will generate the database ID for your Center. You will receive back the Participating Contract signed by ECHSA as well as registration confirmation in an email answer.


After being registered please visit the Download section of our web site. You'll find there the software for data collection as well as the User's manuals containing necessary information about using the software.