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Please make sure that you know the purpose and the rules of the data collection, which are explained at the home page, before continuing with the information on this page.

The main rules of the data collection are based on the following statements:

  • Worldwide cooperation
  • Uniform Minimum Data Set
  • Uniform codes for Diagnoses, Procedures and Complications
  • Uniform software, or www data entry
  • Confidentiality

To join the database please do the following steps:

  • Please read the information at the home page
  • Please register to get your Center Identification number (Center ID) and access to the pages: Reports, Downloads, Data upload
  • Please download the database software and the User's manual which will guide you during the software installation procedure
  • Please collect the data and send them to the database on a regular basis. Please use the secure data upload page.

Major benefits you may expect from being a Database member are as following:

  • You may collect your data according to European standards
  • You will be able to compare your results with the results of the other European Centres to the mean european values and the results published in medical literature.
  • You'll be supplied with the software for data collection, free of charge.
  • You'll receive continuous technical and organisational support from the Database staff.
  • You'll have acces to the Database On line Reports.
  • You will join the international community of pediatric cardiothoracic surgeons and you will personally participate in the improvement of the quality of treatment of children with Congenital Heart Disesase